ICE Out of Essex County and Everywhere!

For Immediate Release
Contacts: Eric Lerner (English) [email protected] 908-546-7654
Jay Arena (Spanish) [email protected] 973-220-5060

Friday, June 29
8:30 AM
Lincoln Statue, Corner of Springfield and Market Streets
Newark, NJ

Today’s Supreme Court decision upholding Trump’s Muslim ban stands firmly in the Court’s racist tradition of Dred Scott, Plessy vs Ferguson (upholding Jim Crow)  and Korematsu v. United States (upholding concentration camps for Japanese-Americans) . The courts will not protect our rights. We must act!

Join the growing national movement to Abolish ICE! As part of that movement, we will rally on Friday to demand that Essex County Executive Joseph DiVincenzo and the Board of Chosen Freeholders immediately end the contract with Trump’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) to hold 800 immigrant detainees at the Essex County Correctional Facility in Newark. Joe D. is running Essex County on Blood Money! We say Make the Rich Pay! Tax the billionaires and their corporations to pay for public services, not traffic in human beings!

Endorsers (in formation): Jobs and Equal Rights for All campaign, Movement for Socialism

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